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This page is dedicated to all the pre-op and non-op FTM's out there who are looking for some tips to making their change more smoth and comfortable.

Since I am not looking to become totally male in origin, I really do not use or know much about all the tricks to passing as a genetic male in the home, work place, and the general public. But I have found a site that covers most of what you will need to know and some of what you may never have wanted to know. The website is by Chris Dub from London. Although the site is still available, I found much of the links to be non-functional and I have tried to no avail to email him. Still, the information is very valuable, so I have copied it here for you. I did not include the non-functional links, but you can find them for yourself at his site. If you can get them to work, or can reach Chris, please let me know. I did include all the physcial and email addresses. However, I do not know if they are still valid or not since his site is more then five years old now. A quick call to information should help you to find out if they are still valid. Good Luck to all the men (FTM's) out there!

Dub's FTM Page


OK. So we weren't all lucky enough to be born with the right equipment, or to be rich enough to afford the best surgeries. But that 'bulge in the trousers' look can be achieved, and often a little bit more realistically than with that pair of old socks we've probably all tried once in a while (or is that only me???)

Here goes, then - a few ideas to get you started.
:condoms and hair gel : bog-standard diy method that works well
:gak : an alternative to gel - a more realistic texture
:Transitional prosthesis : made to order by Randy Ingersoll
:custom made- realistic but pricey

Condoms and gel:
Cheap and easy to make, needs replacing every few months but you'd best plan on keeping some clothes on because, as these things go, realism definitely isn't the strongest point.

All you need is a couple of condoms and some hair-gel, unscented - you don't want wierd perfume-y smells wafting up from your groin in the middle of some important meeting. Fill a condom with gel - enough so you will end up with a realistic size. Remember - this is your everyday unaroused dick - you don't want to look like you've just shoved a cucumber down there.

Tie the condom tight and enclose in another before wrapping that up too. You need this double layer to prevent leakage. That's your dick. You can then make a couple of smaller ones for balls in the same way and attach them by knotting things together.

And that's it!! You can wear it in your underpants, or keep it in place with a jock-strap. Most of all, don't expect your first attempt to be perfect. Experiment a bit to get the size and shape you want.


GAK is the name of a mixture that can be easily made at home and will give any condom-based method a more realistic feel. It's not too expensive. It's a little too technical for me, but I've heard that if you wanna get really fancy, gak is the ideal filler for your home-made silicone dick - though I've no idea how you'd make a dick from silicone.
Still, here's the recipe, as posted on the MtMInFo list...
Items needed:

2 containers
1 measuring instrument (ML)
Hot water
1 Stirring stick
1 Large container Elmer's glue (white)
1 box Borax Booster Soap
Tap water
1 pen/marker


Label both containers:
One "A" and the other "B" on the side.
Measure out 30 ML of tap water and pour into container "A"
Measure out 30 ML of Elmer's glue and pour into cup "A".
Stir thoroughly, about 1 minute. Set aside
Measure out 240 ML of hot water and pour into container "B"
Measure out 16 ML of Borax and pur into cup "B". Stir thoroughly until totally disolved. Set aside for 2 minutes.
Measure out 30 ML of the dissolved solution in container "B". Pour this measurement into container "A". IMMEDIATELY start stirring. Stir until it coagulates (turns into a blob). With the remaining contents of container "B" - measure out additional contents of "A" mixture and make additional gak or throw remaining contents of "B" out.
For those who (like me) hadn't heard of 'Elmer's glue' - it's that nasty white glue stuff we used to use as kids. You used to be able to get it all over your hands, let it dry, and pull it off as if it was a second skin. That's the best description I can do!

Transitional Prosthesis-
Randy Ingersoll is an ftm who's a bit handy in the design department. So he's designed a prosthesis and makes them for sale to other ftms. This is what he says about it:

"Transitional Prothesis has a realistic feel and look under clothes. It is secured to a light harness and follows your body like a penis and can be worn with boxer shorts or without underwear. It is relatively waterproof and drys quickly. It can be washed in the washer and dried on a towel. Each is handmade and are available in various skin colors. Price is $110.00. Randy is currently in the process of updating his producing again. He is always looking for ways to improve it."

Basically, it's latex covered penis with nylon covered scrotum. The penis is refillable (so it will not lose it's shape) and last I heard was priced at around US$110.00, but you can write to him and get a full order form from:

Randy Ingersoll 293094
lewisville, texas 75077

Custom Made-
Made by someone who makes prostheses for all sorts of bits of the body, 'the ftm prosthesis' looks great and (so I've heard) feels fairly realistic. But at around US$ 350, it ain't cheap. Still, if you want quality, you can see the pictures and info at

It comes in 14 skin-tones and is held in place with a special glue so that you can wear it without underwear and (apparantly) stays in place for days at a time (though I've heard a few dispute this).


Binding. Urghh. But unless you're very lucky or you're prepared to walk around like a hunchback, the dread of someone spotting your female-shaped chest is a nightmare. Of course, the ultimate goal for many of us is a surgically reshaped chest - but it costs, so until then binding is a compromise. Myself, I've managed to sprain my ribs several times in the past and now often find binding too restrictive and sweaty and go for the hunchback option, unless I have to be somewhere important or need extra confidence. Some people never leave the bedroom without binding, while others never bother at all. Each to his own.

There's few specific products I've found that state "this is a binder". But, ever-adaptable, we FTMs have found a range of items that work. Remember, comfort is important, and as it's an extra layer of clothing, you need to be prepared to be warmer than you may like (fine if you live in Alaska, but for the rest of us...). An extra T-shirt, warn under clothing and over the binding can help hide any obvious signs of the binder (ridges etc) and absorb any extra sweat.

Common binding methods include:

Low-cost methods-

Wind them round tightly (bearing in mind you still have to breathe), pushing the flesh up towards the armpits. Secure with safety pins and cover with a T-shirt. I find it is best to ensure the binding goes quite high to prevent it falling down, and sometimes use a round of sticky bandage (elastoplast) on top to ensure a safe hold.

I've never tried this, but imagine it would work well for men who are fairly small. Cut off the legs of a pair of 'support tights' (high lycra content). make a hole in the gusset for your head, turn upside down, and hey presto - it's ready.

More expensive options-

*Back supports
Back supports can be bought from pharmacies and good sport shops. Ostensibly they are used to support the back during weight-bearing exercise, but there are also many men who use them to support a flabby midline. They tend to be very warm and often bulky so you have to choose carefully. Not highly recommended.
cost: between 15 and 40 UK pounds.

Transitions binder
PO BOX 3547, Conroe, TX, 77305, USA

"Chest biner so soft and comfortable to wear, yet gets the job done. Our made to order, patent pending Chest Binder looks like an ordinary tank top, but is made with three layers, the secret underside is a strong 50% cotton, 50% lycra that holds you in firmly, while the 100% lycra outer shell covers it. While only, fill in measurements on order form."

Exact sizing is needed, contact Transitions for a copy of their sizing chart. If shape changes after buying (eg due to hormones), free alterations are available.
cost: 85 US dollars, shipping 8 dollars within the US, 10 dollars elsewhere. Again check for current prices before ordering.


I haven't tried electric razors - too expensive for the good ones, and I don't want to risk the cheap ones - but my Dad claims they are more irritating and don't do as good a job as a blade. So this refers only to a wet shave.

There's a fairly dazzling array of choice in razors these days. I found that using one with a flexible head and double blades is best for me. I first used one with "guard wires" for fear of ripping my face to shreds (wimp!) and have since moved on to one without when I realised the guard wires didn't stop me nicking myself - just made me more clumsy and made the shave less close.

I've honed my technique now and am fastidious about getting a really close shave. Not only do I not like the look of stubble, but I find myself unconsciously doing that sad-bastard scratchy-chin thing whenever I have any. Therefore, there are many references below to "getting a closer shave". If you want designer stubble (why?) or six o'clock shadow (why on earth...?) then don't do these things.


Razor blades should always be sharp so need to be changed regularly. Dull blades lead to more skin irritation and increase the chance of nicking.

Warm, wet skin and beard make shaving easier and less irritating - the hair softens and becomes easier to cut cleanly and the pores open, allowing a closer shave. Shaving after or at the end of a shower is therefore good. You can also just wash your face in warm water, but to get good open pores, holding a warm, wet flannel over your face for a couple of minutes after washing works well.

Always use some form of lubricant to further soften the hair and help the razor glide over your skin. Soap will work if you run out of the "proper" stuff, just don't do it dry. Oil, gel and foam all work well (I prefer oil because it doesn't generate all the mess of foam), and applying it in a circular motion helps raise the hairs away from the skin.


Shaving with the grain (ie in the direction of hair growth) is kinder to skin, but does not get as close as shaving against the grain. To lessen the irritation from going against the grain, I first shave in the direction of hair growth, then against it. The second time I am picking up only very short bits of hair and so it doesn't pull against the skin as if I shaved in that direction straight off.

Keep rinsing the razor in warm running water to remove the buildup of hair and gunk under the blades. Shaking in still water doesn't work as well.

Use your spare hand to help pull your skin taut, allowing the razor to get closer.

*After shave care

A styptic pencil can be used to help stop any nicks bleeding. Use sparingly and clean and keep dry afterwards.
Alcohol-based aftershaves might feel macho (feel the sting!) but they only serve to dry out your skin. To properly care for it use an alcohol-free aftershave gel or balm which will gently moisturise.

Further information available from:

The Barber's Chair Online

Tangled amongst the poorly-written marketing and sales BS lies some useful information


Andy has been maintaining a comprehensive list of FTM passing tips for a while. They tend to be especially useful for those at the beginning of transition, but contain something for everyone too.

Below is the text of a message he sent to the MtMInFo list, along with the most recent version the "Tips". Much credit is due for the work he has put in to compiling them and ensuring they remain current.


Attached is the latest version of my passing tips file, updated to include new products and omit discontinued ones. Please let me know of any other needed updates. Also included is advice on how to modify the Softie/Ultimate Packer, which many feel is too big, to make more realistic stuffers of both the strapless and "strapped" varieties.

These tips may be distributed freely, so long as I am identified by my first name only - no middle name, no last name, no email address,just "Andy."


FTM Passing Tips

Last updated Tuesday, August 10, 1999
by Andy and many others

Hair: This is the most important place to start. Go for a very conservative, short-back-n'-sides cut, but avoid getting an all-over crewcut or a way-out "punk" style as these are often sported by the butch lesbians who you are trying to distinguish yourself from. All-over crewcuts are also problematic because they emphasize the shape and size of one's skull and are therefore feminizing (look at Sinead O' Connor) - you've got to leave something on top.

Go to a barber's if you already feel comfortable trying one - if you don't, find a gay or gay-friendly hair stylist who's willing to help you look as masculine as possible. A lot of guys keep going to the person who cut their hair "before" - don't,especially if they perceived you as a lesbian. Even if you're not passing yet, get a new hairdresser or barber who'll help you to look male, not shock the patriarchy.

Part your hair neatly to one side and then comb the top back or to the side. As any MTF can tell you, bangs are feminizing -women and kids tend to have them, but men don't. Use gel or mousse if your hair won't stay in place. Sideburns: You know those Liza Minelli-esque "points" which grow just in front of the ears of women with short hair? Men don't have them, so cut them off straight across with a good pair of scissors. Then use a razor to shape your sideburns - start from the upper point where your ear meets your head and then go straight down.

Shaving: Many women have light-colored "peach fuzz," but men don't, so shave it off. Again, use a good razor and shaving cream, followed by aftershave. Shave your sideburns every day and your whole face as often as needed. And make sure you also shave your upper lip - a light mustache is actually far more likely to give you away than to help you pass.

Fake Facial Hair: Although really convincing fake facial hair from a theater or costume supplier might help you pass, I don't recommend it. It's very difficult to explain where that full mustache suddenly sprouted from and even more difficult to remember who's seen you wearing it and who hasn't. Fake stubble (achievable with tea leaves or an eyeliner pencil) is also out -it will help you pass, but do you really want to look grubby and slovenly?

Body: Even if you are not on hormones, bodybuilding either in a gym or at home can make a difference in getting your body to take on a more male shape. Before beginning any workout program, make sure you are healthy enough to do so, and make sure that you learn the correct way to do the exercises so as to avoid injury.

Chest: There are a number of different binding options available, and what will work best for you depends on your size and build. That old standby, the Ace bandage, binds really well, but I don't recommend it if you're into breathing and being able to move freely - it's also a real pain to put on. Tape is also not recommended - I've heard of one guy who managed to pull off a layer of skin at the end of the day. Some better

FTM-tried-and-tested options include:

For those wishing to avoid binding during the summer comes this suggestion from the Netherlands:

Wear a muscle-shirt or a T-shirt (a muscle-shirt, leaving
your biceps and deltoids uncovered, looks nicer IMO),
preferably not too loose, tucked in. Over that, wear a
singlet (which I think [Americans] call a vest or tank
top); make sure it's way way way oversized and not made
from a stretchy material, preferably with a print or
application at the front. It doesn't really bind, but for
those of us who are not too large it sure beats hot sweaty tight uncomfortable binders! Also, if the vest has large
armholes and is made from a loosely-knit or mesh-like material it's not much warmer than one layer of clothes.

You can make a homemade binder using control top panty hose
(yes, panty hose). This is nice and cool in the summer, works well for smaller-chested guys and, only costs about two dollars for L'eggs or No Nonsense. Here's what you do: buy a pair of control top panty hose, in a color close to your skin tone -"nude" works well for the fair-skinned. Make sure to buy a size that will be small on you. Cut both legs off them, and then carefully cut the cotton crotch area out of the middle, making sure you leave the fabric around it intact. Cut the reinforced waist-band off too if you find that it cuts into you too much (it will ride up more without the waistband, though). Then turn the whole thing upside down - your arms should go through the leg holes, your head should go though the hole in the crotch
area, and the rest (the waist area) should go down over your chest. Position your breasts down and out as much as
possible. Hand wash with mild soap, line dry.

Another good option is a tight sports bra, available at any
athletic wear store. These are very comfortable and work well if you're a "B" or smaller. While the average sports bra doesn't have enough lycra (about 11%) to hold in larger chests, there is a mail order company called Title Nine Sports that offers a product called The Fr.O.G. Bra which is made of 35% lycra and promises "maximum support and compression." It costs $33.50 including shipping, and from what I've heard it works:

Title 9
5743 Landregan Street
Emeryville CA, 94608
(510) 655-5999

The Devrey Collection's spandex undershirt for out-of-shape men costs around $13 and can be obtained from:

The Devrey Collection
38 St. Johns Place
Box 0800
Freeport, NY 11520-0800
(516) 623-6214.

The Sears Home Health Care Catalogue's Men's Abdo Trim abdominal support undershirt costs $16.99. Call (800) 326-1750 for a catalogue.

There is a $30 undershirt-style binder available which I've
heard works for guys who aren't too overly large. For more
information contact:

Ben Pike
401 E. Foothill Blvd. #107
Monrovia, CA 91016
(818) 358-9582

For highly effective (they can be even be worn with T-shirts) latex undershirts (always use talc powder underneath these)contact:

MrS Leather
310 7th St.
SF,CA 94103
(415) 863-7764

Morris Designs offers several products:
The 6" wide male Gynecomastia Binder (#MB 120) comes in S, M, L, and XL and sells for $20. The $34 male Gynecomastia Vest (#MV 110), which I've heard makes a very comfortable and effective binder, comes in S(32-36), M (35-40), L (40-44), and XL (over 40) and costs $34.

The Surgical Compression Vest (#MV 41000) is sized and designed for genetic females, comes in sizes from XS, S, M, L, and XL, and costs $42. The company can be reached at:

Morris Designs
1637 Godfrey Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
ph. (757) 481-9313
fx. (757) 422-5603

The company, Transitions, sells an $85 made-to-order, custom-made undershirt-style cotton-and-lycra binder which I've heard works well for larger guys. For more information write to:

P.O. Box 3547
Conroe, TX 77035-3547

Some guys have reported success using commercial weight loss and gut control belts made out of diving suit-type material, which they trim to the appropriate size.

Medical supply stores sell elastic rib belts which can be used for binding. These hold your chest in well but tend to slip down and are not very comfortable as they tend to compress your ribcage along with your chest.

Once you've bound, you need the right shirt. In the
cooler months, a plain white crew neck undershirt over your
binder and beneath your shirt will help hide your chest, and that triangle of white showing beneath an open collar looks very masculine. For other shirts, knit fabrics often tend to cling too much, while woven ones (such as cotton and cotton blend button-down shirts) "bag" out better and hence help you look flatter. If you send your shirts to the cleaners, a good way to keep them from clinging is to ask for extra starch. Avoid silk at all costs, though - it clings like a tight sweater.

As for patterns, busy prints and checks and plaids are good
because they distract the eye from the topography beneath them.

A vest (waistcoat to you Brits) over your shirt can also help hide your chest.

If you live in a cosmopolitan area where there are a lot of
butch lesbians then it's going to be much more difficult for you to pass. One way to help distinguish yourself from them is to dress preppy and conservative - leave the leather motorcycle jacket at home for a while.

Start with an ironed button-down shirt (loose, to help hide your chest), worn with ironed khakis, dress slacks, or neat-looking blue or black jeans. In the summer, you can avoid the androgyny of T-shirts and cut-offs by pairing short-sleeved button-down shirts with khaki shorts.

Make sure your trousers fit low - this helps to hide both your hips and your waist. A dark brown or black leather belt is also a nice, masculine touch. Ties are of course a great way to pass, though there are many situations where you'll look too out-of-place in one. Don't spend a lot of money on new suits and jackets at this point - you'll bulk out of them once you're on hormones. Instead, find a good used clothing shop to buy them at. In the Boston area try:

140 River St.
Cambridge, MA
(617) 547-2455

If you're looking for new clothes in smaller sizes, try:

Lebow Bros.
178 Linden St.
Wellesley, MA 02181
(617) 431-7194

There's a short men's catalogue you can order from, but their stuff tends to be pricey:

Short Sizes, Inc.
5385 Warrensville Ctr Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44137
Ph: (216) 475-2515
Fax: (216) 475-7440

There's also a web site which lists good sources of clothing and shoes for shorter men:
Jewelry: If you're very small-boned, try a 3/4 size men's watch- it looks substantial and masculine without emphasizing how thin your wrists are.

Pants-stuffers: First, be realistic when you stuff! The vast majority of non-porn star men are "grow-ers" rather than "show-ers," which means that their penises get up to twice as big when erect as they are when flaccid. The average guy is about 3-4" when he's not aroused, and the goal of stuffing is to look natural, not like you're walking around with a constant hard-on.

There are a number of products available to simulate the look and feel of genetic male equipment in your pants, ranging from homemade devices made using unlubricated condoms and hair gel (always use no-alcohol hair gel and "double-bag" the condoms to prevent leakage) to more expensive items. Options, in order of cost, include:

The Glue Slug, available at Natural Wonders, costs around
$6 and is supposed to be a fun toy for teaching kids about
physics. Although the shape isn't exactly right, it also
makes a good, cheap pants-stuffer -- just place it in an
unlubricated condom so it won't gather lint. If it pulls at
your hair, put in an old sock as well.

To order by mail or for the Natural Wonders nearest you, contact:


Grand Opening offers a silicone-based product called the Softie which is very comfortable and feels very realistic. It is available in small, medium, and large and costs from $14.95 to $19.95 [Please note, a Lady Amber Thorne is offering a suspiciously similar product for $39.95 under the name the "Ultimate Packer"]. To order the Softie, contact:

Grand Opening
Arcade Building
318 Harvard St., Suite 32
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 731-2626

The makers of the new PocketMonkey describe it as follows:
* Super-comfy with realistic hang
* Movable balls in their own sac
* Firm bulbous heads
* Floppy dicks
* Gristly core
* 'P-hole'
* special requests accomodated * size * shape * firmness
The PocketMonkey costs $60 plus $5 for shipping and handling ($10 for international orders). CA residents add local sales tax. Send check or money order to:

J. Stallory
2708 Sunset
Oakland, CA 94601

Island Novelties (which has now taken over management from
Creative Growth Enterprises) makes a full range of genital
prosthetics, from the basic $45 "Herbie" foam pants stuffer
to the $300 multi-purpose "Herb," which comes with harness,
stiffener to enable sexual function, and optional urinary
capability. For a catalogue, write to:

Island Novelties International
401 E. Foothill Blvd. #107
Monrovia, CA 91016

Made by a professional prosthesis maker, the "FTM Prosthesis" comes in 14 skin-tones and can be held in place (apparently for several days) with a special glue so that you can wear it without underwear. It is said to look great and feel fairly realistic, and it costs around $350. You can see pictures and read info at:

The custom-made De Nijs Prothesis from the Netherlands is made from the silicone gel material used in surgical implants plus silicone covering, which give it a very natural feel and weight that produces a realistic looking and feeling bulge. It comes with a button on the base of the penis for attachment to the outside of the underwear, but one can modify one's underwear to include an elastic buttonhole for attachment on the inside. The prosthesis adjusts to body temperature, and can be worn to swim in
the ocean or pool. Its $600 prices includes a two year warranty, and if softening occurs within that period it can be sent back for injection of additional silicone without charge. Send Ms.De Nijs your specifications in cm, also including your height, chest size, hip size, and waist size, as well as coloring. If you are in a hurry, you can fax her your letter to her phone number.

Anna de Nijs
Johannes Verhulststraat 10
1071 NC Amsterdam
Calling or faxing from USA: 011-31-20-662-2549

These can be a real problem if you have small feet,
although you do save money if you can wear boys' athletic
shoes. For dress shoes, the boys' section of a department store can be a good place to look. If you need cheap dress shoes and don't mind synthetic ones, try Payless - they carry a full range of boys' sizes. I've had good luck with the shiny (as opposed to "greasy" finish) Doc Marten's Oxfords - they make good dress shoes (especially if you can find a pair without the trademark yellow stitching), and they come in sizes as small as a UK 3 (US boys' 4 1/2). They also add about an inch to your height. One
company that you can custom order really nice dress shoes in even very small sizes from is:

(800) 345-2786

There is also a company that makes shoes with lifts:

Richlee Shoe Company
P.O. Box 3566
Frederick, MD 21705

Socks: Men tend to wear white socks only with athletic shoes, so stick to dark socks with other shoes. If your feet are too small for men's dress socks, wear boys' socks, and, if you can't find any boys' dress socks you like, the women's ribbed trouser socks at Banana Republic made good dress socks (don't worry, no one will know you're cross-dressed :-). For smaller sweat socks, Woolworth's sells very inexpensive 10-packs of boys' size 9-11 white socks.

Women tend to use an upward inflection at the end of
their sentences, while men tend to speak in a monotone.

Body Language:
Women tend to be less obtrusive, while men tend to take up more space. If you watch the commuters on a trolley, the women tend to sit with their legs crossed and their arms
drawn in, and the men tend to sit with their legs apart and
their arms out.

FTM's are actually fairly fortunate in this area
because men are far less observant and social than women - they usually just go in, do their business, and leave. Just march calmly in, use the stall, and march calmly out - if you rush around nervously you'll be far more likely to attract attention. Remember, even genetic men have to sit down sometimes.

You do not need to be able to stand and pee in order to pass, but some guys do so by using a rolled up plastic coffee can lid with the edge cut off as a urinary "funnel." There are some commercially available stand-and-pee devices:

The "Freshette" is a plastic urinary device originally designed
for genetic females to use while camping. It is available from
the following sources:

Recreational Equipment, Inc. ($13 for device alone)
1700 45th Street East
Sumner, WA 98290

The urinary assist device known as Le Funelle also allows one to stand and pee and can be flushed down the toilet after use. It takes a lot of practice to use properly without embarrassing leakage from the device's rear opening because of its lack of rigidity, but it does work. The advantages of Le Funelle is its compact size (it folds flat to about the size of your palm for ease of transport), and its more sanitary flushability, the lack of which is the main problem with the plastic devices on the market. A box of 10 funnels costs $12.95 from a mail order travel supplier:

110 W. Sola Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101-3007

Finally, a very large part of passing is sheer confidence and bravado. If you really believe you're a man (which you are) and project this belief to the rest of the world, it will go a long way towards also convincing others. Any difficult feature you might have (high voice, smooth face, small shoulders, wide hips, lack of height, etc.) is one that some genetic men have also -there are even genetic men with enlarged chests (male gynecomastia).

Recommended reading:

The FTM newsletter is available by subscription for $15.00/yr.
(4 issues). Send your name, mailing address, and check or
money order payable to FTM to:

FTM International, Inc.
1360 Mission St., Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone 415-553-5987

Lou Sullivan's _Information for the Female to Male Crossdresser and Transsexual_ has helpful information on everything from passing to surgery. It is currently out of print, but a revised version should be available after January 1, 1998 from:

Ingersoll Gender Center
1812 E. Madison, Suite 106
Seattle WA 98122

The book _Dagger_ contains a chapter on FTMs and a useful
chapter called "Packing, Pissing and Passing." It should be
available at any gay or lesbian bookstore or in the g/b/l/t
section of a large mainstream bookstore. If you can't find it there try:

Cleis Press, Inc.
P.O. Box 14684
San Francisco, CA 94114

For dealing with paperwork, name changes, etc., Dallas Denny's_Identity Management in Transsexualism_ is very helpful. It can be obtained from:

Creative Design Services
P.O. Box 61263
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Remember, all these tips are just guidelines based on what has worked for myself and others - with experimentation, you can find out what works best for you.